“Aprender es Poder”: Our Investment Thesis in Aprende Institute

March 29, 2023

In 2021 we invested in Aprende Institute, a US-based edtech founded by Martin Claure, a serial entrepreneur driven by his will to create meaningful and impactful businesses. Aprende Institute is a unique online learning platform that offers courses specifically designed for the spanish-speaking population in the US and Latam. Martin himself is a Hispanic immigrant, and his personal attachment permits him to have unmatched empathy and commitment to the cause. We believe that Aprende Institute’s innovative approach to education has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of many Hispanic families across the countries it operates in.

Hispanics in the US: “A Country Within a Country”

There are more than 60M Hispanics living in the US today. If the U.S. Hispanics were an independent country, their gross domestic product would rank fifth in the world, surpassing those of the United Kingdom, India and France. In terms of personal consumption, U.S. Hispanics represent a consumption market larger in size than the entire economy of nations like Canada or South Korea.

Hispanics are arguably one of the largest driving forces in the US economy. They are hardworking and entrepreneurial, and have had an immeasurable cultural impact on the country; but they still face multiple challenges working in the country, especially when talking about access to quality education and professional training. To start, many face language barriers when it comes to accessing quality education resources, and consequently end up being excluded from the formal job market. Finally, many Hispanics have to resort to informal opportunities facing social stigma and economic exclusion. See Martin’s take on the subject here.

Furthermore, there is the issue of price and availability. Many of Aprende’s users don’t have the means or time to attend a full formal education. They need the flexibility to go to work and tend to their families while also taking the effort to develop themselves professionally. These are resilient people and natural entrepreneurs; once given the right tools and opportunities, they are able to achieve amazing things. Just look at some of Aprende’s success stories.

Aiming to solve this problem Claure founded Aprende Institute

One of the things that impressed us most about this company is its commitment to providing practical skills and knowledge specifically for Hispanics, aiming to help students achieve success in their careers and personal lives. Through their online courses, students can learn skills like manicure, pastry making, and entrepreneurship, along with technical skills like electrician or a mechanic training. These courses are not only designed to help students acquire valuable skills that are in high demand in today’s job market, but to also offer continuous learning among a wide range of subject areas, all while developing tightly knit learning communities. An Aprende student may start their journey learning manicure, but eventually they can learn finance and english as well, all while receiving certificates that further help integrate them to the formal market by verifying their work standards.

Aprende Institute’s online platform is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. This makes it easy for students to access the courses they need, and for teachers to monitor their progress and provide personalized feedback. The platform is also designed to be mobile-friendly, which means that students can learn on the go, whether they’re at home, at work, or on the bus. Aprende is bringing top tier tech and UX for a previously unserved and ignored part of the population, enhancing educational outcomes and unlocking immense potential and value from students.

Potential for Change and Impact

At our firm, we are committed to supporting innovative startups that have the potential to create positive change in the world. We believe that Aprende Institute is a company that shares our values and has the potential to make a real impact in the Hispanic community. We are proud to partner with Martin and the team at Aprende Institute, and we look forward to working together to help Hispanic families across the US and Latam achieve their educational and career goals.