Valor Annual Summit 2016

Valor’s 4th Annual Partner & CEO Summit

Valor’s 4th Annual Partner & CEO Summit speakers included Linda Rottenberg of Endeavor, Eric Schmidt of Alphabet, Nizan Guanaes of Group ABC and more in a day of cross border collaboration.

Valor’s 4th Annual Partner & CEO Summit was hosted in New York City. The motivation behind our Summit is simple: by bringing our US and Brazil-based friends and partners together amidst a backdrop of innovation and creative thinking, we can foster new relationships and provide a forum for cross-border collaboration.

The Valor Family interacted with visionary entrepreneurs and investors as well as a carefully selected group of thought leaders. Speakers included Linda Rottenberg, Co-founder and CEO of Endeavor; Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet; Tom Glocer, former CEO of Reuters, prolific angel investor; Nizan Guanaes, Co-founder and CEO of Group ABC; and many more.