Doug Smith

Partner & CFO New York

Doug Smith, Partner and CFO of Valor Capital Group, has brought considerable financial and investment experience to the Valor team since inception, which proves useful in the forms of fiscal advice and valuable business connections in his role as CFO of Valor Capital and member of the Investment Committee. Doug is also a Managing Director at Wesray Social Investments and Van Beuren Management, Inc. where he oversees private investments and has participated in the acquisition, financing, monitoring, and exits of numerous Van Beuren and Wesray portfolio companies from venture to private equity and real estate. Doug was previously an Advisor to and assisted with the launch of the Collaborative Fund, a seed venture firm.  He also sits on the Investment Committee of several private Foundations and is on Board of Governors at the St. Joseph’s High School Foundation. Doug is involved in several local charities and community organizations. Doug holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the College of the Holy Cross.

Doug enjoys spending time with his family, which includes 4 children, ages 14 to 22. He loves traveling, music and is a serious New York/NJ(Giants, Devils and Yankees) sports fan.